How to Prepare  yourself and your family for CoronaVirus 


To prepare yourself and your family as COVID-19 spreads in your community here are few steps that you can follow:

Find Local Information

Search for local information around your city on COVID-19 and local trends on where are COVID-19 cases being treated. Most of the countries have a national  coronavirus helpline for medical advice.

What to do if symptomatic

Observe  the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and what to do if symptomatic:

  • Stay home when you are sick

  • Call your Doctor’s Clinic in advance for medical advice before you visit

  • Stay away from your community

  • Limit visitors at your place

 Take Steps for those at Higher Risk

 Additional measures  like social distancing, self isolation and good hygiene should be taken by people :

  • At higher risk and who are vulnerable

  • Above the age of 60 Years

  • Have respiratory conditions, Diabetes, Pneumonia or any other chronic disease.


Protect yourself &  your Family

Educate  your family and Implement strategy to prevent illness. Stay home when sick, Wash hands more often, respiratory etiquette. Clean your house  and surfaces with some disinfectant.


Create an emergency Household Plan

Create an emergency household plan.In case of illness in the household or disruption  and distress in the neighbourhood.

  • Make sure you have at least a two week supply of food and other essential items  along with prescription drugs and over the counter medications.Find out the ways how you can get food delivered at home if required.

  • Communicate and establish ways to keep in contact with family, friends and your work.

  • Develop plans about working from home, phone calls and internet facilities. Consider cancelling or rescheduling any events.

  • If your child goes to childcare or school, communicate with them and work on arrangements with them


Stay Informed and listen to the news regularly

Stay abreast of what's happening around and about national operations  and listen to the news regularly so that you can make required changes and plan ahead.

Coronavirus Helpline numbers can be found on few of the links mentioned below:

United States:



NewYork State:


United Arab Emirates (UAE) :



United Kingdom (UK)