DMCA Policy

Such policy is intended for the implementation of the processes, which are set in 17 U.S.C. Section 512 as well as DMCA, referred to as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to report any sort of alleged copyright infringement. It is the policy of our organization to respect the different legitimate rights of the representatives, agents, and copyright owners. The users of either part of the computing system of the organization should pay respect to the legal protections, which are offered by the applicable law of copyrights.

Designated agent

  • The designated agent of our organization is receiving the notification of the different alleged infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is:
  • After receiving the right notification of the different claimed infringement, our organization will be following the processes, which are outlined in and herein DMC.
  • The processes of complaint notice for the copyright owners

Here is a list of the elements that should be included in the copyright infringement claim:

  • The physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner or any other individual who has the authorization for acting on behalf of the owner on the right, which is infringed allegedly.
  • The identification of copyright work which is claimed for having been infringed, or in case a single notice or the representative list of the works at the specific website cover the multiple works of copyright at a single online website.
  • Identifying material which is claimed for being infringed or being the subject of any sort of infringing activities as well as which should be removed or the access to which needs to be disabled, and details which should be disabled, and details which are reasonable enough for providing permission to the organization for locating the material.
  • The statement, which states that the party, which complained has a belief of good faith that the usage of the material, in the manner in which complaint is registered is not authorized by the agent, owner, or law of the copyrights.