Affiliate Disclosure

In compliance with the guidelines of FTS, kindly assume the below mentioned, regarding the posts and links, on the website.

  • There are a few links on the website that are affiliate links. We may be received a small token as a commission after selling specific products. However, the rates are going to be the same for you.
  • In case an affiliate link is posted by me to specific products, it means that I personally support, use, or recommend without the affiliate links even.
  • At present, no ads are allowed on our website. Hence, as you hit on any links present in the sidebar of the website or for posting within the website or for the non-affiliate link, the external links are not going to earn my any commission by any means.
  • My first and foremost priority is inclusive of conferring highly valuable details as well as resources that will be useful to you in the creation of positive changes in your life. I will be linking only to those resources or products which fit in the purpose.