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All the users of the website will agree that using or accessing this website are subjected to the below-mentioned terms and conditions, as well as other law. In case you have an objection to the following terms and conditions, you are requested not to use the website.


The whole content that is included in the website, which includes but are not limited to code, graphics, or text is copyrighted as the collective work under the copyright laws of Australia.


All the trade names, service markets as well as trademarks of Ancient Nutrition, LLC which are used in the website are known to be registered trademarks or trademarks of Ancient Nutrition, LLC.

All rights reserved

Access is consented to the different electronically copy as well as the print of the hard copy portions of the website for the objective of placement of the order with the LLC or purchasing Ancient Nutrition, Ancient Nutrition, LLC products. You may be displaying as well as subject to the expressly stated limitations or restrictions that are related to the certain material, print or download different portions of the material from various areas of the website, for the non-commercial use of your own or for the placement of order with Ancient Nutrition, LLC or for buying Ancient Nutrition, LLC products. Any other usage, which is inclusive but is not limited to the display, distribution, reproduction or the transmission of the content of the website is strictly prohibited, unless it is authorized by the Ancient Nutrition, LLC. In addition to this, you agree not to delete or change any of the proprietary notices from any of the materials, which are downloaded from this website.

Warranty disclaimer

This website and the products and materials on this website are provided in the way, it is shown and without any sort of warranties of any type, whether implied or express. To the fullest extendable consented pursuant to the applicable law, the Ancient Nutrition, LLC happens to disclaim all the warranties, implied or express, which includes, but are not limited to, fitness for the specific purpose, as well as non-infringement. You need to keep in mind that Ancient Nutrition, LLC does not warrant or represent that such functions which are contained in the website will be free from errors or uninterrupted. They do not hold any responsibility for the rectification of the defects or that the server of the site which makes the website available are free from virus or any sort of harmful components.

In addition to this, Ancient Nutrition, LLC does not make any representation or warranty about the usage of the materials, present in the website, related to the accuracy, correctness, usefulness, adequacy, reliability, timeliness or otherwise. There are few states which do not provide any consent exclusions or limitations on the warranties, and thus the above limitations might not be applicable to you.

Typographical errors

In case any Ancient Nutrition, LLC product, by mistake, is enlisted at a wrong price, the Ancient Nutrition, LLC has the right to cancel or refuse any of the orders that are placed for the product, which has been enlisted with the wrong price. Apart from this, Ancient Nutrition, LLC has reserved the right for cancelling or refusing similar orders, regardless of the fact, whether the order is confirmed or not, or whether an amount has been deducted from your credit card. In case your card was charged already for the purchase and in case your order has been cancelled, the Ancient Nutrition, LLC will be issuing similar credit to the credit card account, and the amount of the wrong price will be credited in your account.

Limitations of the liability

You should be aware of the fact that Ancient Nutrition, LLC will not have any liability for any sort of consequential or special damage which may be the results from the use of, or inability for using, the presence of materials on the website, or performance of the products, in case Ancient Nutrition, LLC has been recommended, regarding the possibility of similar damages. Apart from this, the applicable law may not let the limitation of the exclusion of incidental, or liability or consequential damage, and hence the above-mentioned exclusion or limitation may not be applicable to you.

Term; Termination

The mentioned terms and conditions are applied to you as you access our website or the completion of registration of the shopping procedure. Such terms and conditions or parts of them may get terminated for any reason, at any time, by Ancient Nutrition, LLC. The provisions which are related to the trademark, copyrights, disclaimers, indemnification, and limitation of liability or miscellaneous will be surviving the termination.


The laws of Australia will be governing the usage of the website in different respects, without the need to choose the law provisions. In addition to this, you agree to the fact that the jurisdiction over as well as the venue in either of the legal proceeding indirectly or directly which are related or arise out of the website will be present in the federal courts or the state. Apart from this, any cause of claim or action which you might be having, regarding the site, needs to be commenced within one year, after the arrival of the cause of action or claim. The failure of Ancient Nutrition, LLC will be insisting upon or enforcing the strict performance of either provision of the specific terms and conditions will not be construed as the waiver of any right or provision. Also, the course of connect between the trade practice or the parties will not act for the modification of either of the terms and conditions. In addition, Ancient Nutrition, LLC might be assigning the duties and rights at any time under the agreement to a specific party without notifying you.


You agree that Ancient Nutrition, LLC might be notifying you via a general notice on the website, via email, or other reliable procedures to the addresses, that have been conferred to Ancient Nutrition, LLC.

Usage of the site

Harassment of any form or in any matter on the website, which is inclusive of via chat, email, or the usage of abusive or obscene language, is prohibited strictly. In addition to this, impersonation of others, which is inclusive of the Ancient Nutrition, LLC or other hosts, licensed employee, representative, visitors or members on the website is strictly prohibited. Also, you are not allowed to distribute, publish or upload any content which is obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, abusive, invasive of the publicity or privacy rights, illegal, via the website which may provide encouragement to any sort of criminal offense, or violate the different rights of the party or give rise to the liability, or may be violating the laws. Also, you are not permitted to upload any sort of commercial content on the website or make use of the website for soliciting others for becoming members or joining any other commercial organization online.

Participation Disclaimer

Ancient Nutrition, LLC cannot and does not review all the materials and communications, which are created by or posted for the users who access the website and in any way, is not responsible for the content of the materials and communication. You agree that by offering you with the capabilities of viewing as well as the distribution of user-generated content on the website, Ancient Nutrition, LLC is acting just as the passive conduit for similar distribution. It is not undertaking any sort of liability or obligation which is related to the activities or content, present on the website. However, Ancient Nutrition, LLC has reserved the right of blocking as well as removal of materials or communication which is determined for being defamatory, abusive or obscene, misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent, in the violation of the copyright trademark, or offensive or the intellectual property right of the other, or anything which is not acceptable to Ancient Nutrition, LLC in the sole discretion.


You also agree to defend, indemnify, as well as hold the harmless Ancient Nutrition, LLC, its directors, officers, agents, employees, suppliers, licensors against and from all the expenses, losses, costs and damages, which are inclusive of the fees of the attorney, which is the resultant of the violation of the terms and conditions, or other activities which are relevant to your account by you or other people who get access to the website with the aid of your internet account.

Third-Party Links

For offering enhanced value to the users, Ancient Nutrition, LLC might be linking to the different websites that are operated by the third parties. In case the third parties have an affiliation with the Ancient Nutrition, LLC, it does not have any control on those linked websites, as each and everyone has different data collection and privacy modes, which is not dependent on Ancient Nutrition, LLC. Such linked websites are meant for your convenience only and thus it is possible for you to get access to them at the risk of your own.

Ancient Nutrition, LLC aims for bestowing protection to the integrity of the website as well as the links, which are placed on the same and thus, provide a request for any sort of feedback, not just on the site of its own, but also for those websites, to which it is linked.

Binding effect

It refers to the binding agreement. By the usage of our website or any other services that are offered in relevance to the website, you agree to the terms of use of our website. We will provide notification on the website if we update or make any change in the terms of use. The responsibility for reviewing the specific terms of use in a periodical manner is your sole responsibility and in, during any time, you think that such terms of use are not acceptable to you, you should leave the site immediately and stop the usage of all the services as well as the website. In addition to this, you also agree to the fact that by the use of the service, you will be representing that have attained the age of eighteen years at least and that you are legally capable of getting an entry into the agreement.

Privacy policy

We have the utmost respect for your privacy and hence we give consent for controlling the treatment of your personal details. It is possible to find the complete statement of the current privacy policy of our organization in the privacy link. The privacy notice of the organization is mentioned in the given agreement.

Usage of software

Organizations may be making specific software which will be availed to you from the website. In case you download software from the software, website, which is inclusive of all the images and files which are generated or contained by software, as well as the accompanying data, are deemed for being licensed to you, by the organization, for your non-commercial, personal and home use only. The organization will not be transferring the intellectual property rights or title to the software. The company also retails a complete and full title to the intellectual property or software right. You may not be reproducing, redistribution, selling the software, nor you convert, reverse-engineer, decompile, disassemble or convert the software to a form, that can be perceived by a human. The organization or the licensors of the same are the sole owners of all the logos and trademarks and you are not allowed to use or copy them in any way.

User content

You provide a license to the organization for using the materials, posted by you to the service or Site. By displaying, downloading, distribution, posting, performing the details or content to the service or site, you are providing consent to the organization as well as its directors, officers, affiliates, representatives, agents, consultants in order to utilize the user content, in relation with the operation of the online business of the organization, its employees, directors, officers, affiliates, agents, representatives, consultants, inclusive of without any limitation, a right for the distribution, copying, publicly displaying, transmitting, reproducing, publicly performing, reformatting, translating, editing the user content. You will not get any compensation for the user content. You agree that the organization may disclose or publish your name, in relation to the user content. By the posting of user content on the service or site, you provide warranty as well as represent that you are the owner of the rights of the user content or have the authorization of distributing, posting, performing, distributing, transmitting, and displaying the user content.

Compliance with the laws of intellectual property

At the time of accessing our website or making use of the service, you agree for obeying the law as well as respecting the intellectual property right of other people. Your usage of the site and the Service will be governed each and every time and are subjected to the laws, that are relevant to the copyright ownership as well as usage of the intellectual property. In addition to this, you agree that you will not download, distribute, display, transmit, permit, or upload any content or details which are in violation with the trademarks, copyrights, proprietary rights or intellectual property of the third party. In addition to this, you agree that you will abide by the laws, regarding the usage of the intellectual property and the copyright ownership and you will be responsible for the violation of the related laws, as well as for infringements of the rights of the third party, which is caused by the content, provided by you, or which is transmitted or provided with the aid of your user ID. The responsibility of proving that the content does not stand as a violation of any rights of the third party or laws is completely dependent on you.

Inappropriate content

You also agree that you will not download, upload, perform, display, distribute, transmit the content which is defamatory, libellous, abusive, pornographic, or threatening, provides encouragement to or advocates conduct, which may result in criminal offense, give rise to the civil liability or violate the applicable state, local, foreign law, regulation, advertises, solicits fund or is the solicitation for the services or goods. The organization holds the complete right for the termination of the transmission, receipt or the distribution of the material with the aid of the service and for the deletion of the material from the servers. The organization intends for cooperation with the law enforcement agencies or officials in the investigation of the violation of the applicable laws or terms of use.

Copyright infringement

The organization has specific legally mandated processes, related to the allegation of the copyright infringement that occurs with the service or on the website in place. You can pay a visit to the DMCA Policy for seeking information about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act policies and for making a claim of the infringement. The DMCA policy of the organization is incorporated expressly into the agreement via the reference.

Alleged violations

The organization has the right for the termination of your usage of the website as well as its services. For ensuring that the organization offers top quality of experience to you as well as for other users of the service as well as the website, you agree that the organization, as well as the representatives, may get an access to the account as well as record with an eye to investigating allegations as well as complaints of the infringement or abuse of the rights of the third parties, or the unauthorized usage of the service or the website. Our organization does not have any intention of disclosing the occurrence or existence of similar investigation until it is needed by law. However, our organization has reserved the right for terminating your account as well as your access to the website with immediate effect, without or with providing you notification, without any liability to you, in case the organization believed that you are responsible for the violation of the Terms of use, as mentioned above, furnished the organization with misleading or false details, or have made an interruption with the usage of the service or the website by other users.

No warranties

Here, the organization disclaims all sorts of warranties. The organization is making the website available to you without any type of warranty. You are responsible for all the loss, damage, risk from the usage of, or the inability for using, the service or the site. For the permission of the maximum extent by the law, our organization disclaims all and any of the warranties, implied or express, regarding the website, which is not limited to but include any warranty of the merchantability, fitness for the certain purpose, or the noninfringement. Our organization does not provide a warranty that the service or site will be accomplishing the requirements or there will be no errors or interruption in the operation of the service or website.

Limited liability

The liability of our organization to you is limited, to the maximum extent as permitted by law, in no event the company will be liable for the damages of any type which is not limited to but are inclusive of consequential, incidental or special damages, lost data, lost profits, irrespective of the foreseeability of the damages, that arise from or is related with the usage of the website or other services, or materials that are offered to you by the organization. The limitation will be applicable, irrespective of whether the damage will be rising from the tort, breach of contract or form of action or legal theory.

Affiliated sites

Our organization does not have any control or liability for the materials or websites of third parties. The organization works with a wide array of affiliates or partners whose internet websites are related to the website. As the website or organization does not have control on the performance or content of the affiliate websites or the partner, our organization does not provide any guarantee about the content, currency, accuracy or the quality of the details, which are offered by these websites. Our organization does not assume any responsibility for the objectionable, unintended, misleading, inaccurate, or unlawful content which may be present on such websites. In a similar manner, you will be acknowledging as well as agreeing that the organization does not provide any guarantee or assume any responsibility for the currency, accuracy, quality or content of the third party content, and that, it is expressly provided, else the terms of use will be governing your use of third-party content or others.

Prohibited uses

Our organization imposes specific restrictions on the permissible usage of the website as well as its service. You are not allowed to attempt or violate for the violation of the security features of the service or site which are inclusive of, without any limitation, providing access to the data or content which is not mean for you, attempting to test, scene, probe the vulnerability of the site, service or any association or network, or authenticated measures with the right authorization, interference or attempting to disrupt while submitting the virus to the service or site, flooding, overloading, crashing, mail bombing, usage of the services or site for sending the unsolicited email which is inclusive but without any advertisements, promotions, limitations for the services or products, the forging of TCP/IP packet header, or other parts of the header details in the email or in the posting with the use of service, any sort of attempt for reverse engineering, modification, disassembling, decompiling or the attempting for the reducing or reduction to the human perceivable form either of the source code which was used by the organization in offering the service or site. Any sort of violation of network security or system may be subjected to criminal or civil liability.

Governing Law

Each and every term of usage will be construed according to and will be governed by Australian Law.


For any reason, in case the court of jurisdiction finds that the terms and conditions as mentioned here, is unenforceable, they will be nullified, in full effect and force. None of the waivers of the breaching of the provision of such terms of use will be constituting the waiver of the subsequent breach, concurrent breach, prior breach of the same as well as other provisions, and there is no such waiver which will remain effective until it is made in writing as well as signed by the authorized waiving party representative.

No license

There is nothing in the website that provides any license for using the logos, service marks, trademarks which are owned by third parties or by the organization.


The organization reserved the rights in sole discretion, to revise the stated terms of usage, modification of the service and the website, discontinuation of the service and website at any time without any prior notice. The organization shall be posting the revision to such terms of use of the website. The revision will be effective in no time after such posting. You agree for reviewing such terms of use as well as other policies which are posted on the website for being aware of the revisions periodically. You also agree to the fact that by continuing the access or using the website after getting the notice of revision, you will abide by the revision.


With the use of the service as well as accessing the website, you acknowledge that you have gone through the terms of use as well as agree to abide by them.