Can you treat Asthma naturally?

Asthma is recognized to be a chronic lung condition that may result in difficulty in breathing. Bronchial tubes, the airways present in lungs are known to be inflammed. The surrounding muscles are found to tighten and there is a production of mucus which leads to narrowing of airways. Asthma, if left untreated, can result in severe illness and even death. In case any of your family members are suffering from asthma and you are looking for alternative medicine, you can opt from the below mentioned natural remedies:

Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is being used for a long time as a home remedy to treat different breathing issues. It also helps in conferring relief from breathing issues such as bronchitis and asthma. For using eucalyptus oil for the treatment of asthma, you require putting a few drops in the oil diffuser and take deeper breaths while sitting near the same.

Caffeinated tea

Caffeine present in coffee and black tea is effective in the treatment of asthma. Caffeine is capable of improving the breathing function in people suffering from asthma for the time session of four hours. Thus, coffee and black tea help in conferring relief during an asthma attack.

Mustard oil

It is another effective natural remedy which is useful in conferring relief from an asthma attack. The mustard oil is recognized to be the fatty oil, that comprises of isothiocyanates. Mustard seed oil has earned a high reputation in conferring relief from an asthma attack. It is also useful in opening the air passageways and bringing an improvement in the function of lungs.


Ginger is known for having several benefits for body and health. It is also considered to be an effective remedy in order to treat asthma. You can prepare a potion with equivalent quantities of pomegranate, honey, and ginger and consume the same at least twice daily.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are also effective when it comes to the management of different inflammatory conditions. It is also beneficial in treating a wide array of conditions such as depression, cardiovascular diseases, and even asthma.

Belly breathing technique

This technique is also helpful in enhancing the distribution of air, present in the lungs. Concentrate on breathing while sitting up or lying down. Breathe through the nose in a slow manner. While inhaling, you should ensure that the abdomen should be going out in the opposite direction to the chest. Next, exhale with the abdomen pushing in the inward direction in a slow manner.

Buteyko breathing exercise

This is another effective home remedy for the treatment of asthma. This technique is useful in the reduction of breathing volume or breathing rate. In this method, you need to sit in the upright direction with the belly muscles and relaxed chest during breathing. Look in the upward direction, close eyes and focus. You require breathing with the closed mouth in a gentle manner via the nose You should be breathing shallow and slow. You should be exhaling in slow motion till no air is present in the lungs. Make sure to hold the breath till you can and revert to breathing in a gentle manner after that.