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12SophiaVegasI once felt hopeless. Gained too much of weight and not mention my stretchmarks after birth. I dont regret it but it left a scar that seemed to give me depression. Then met one stranger online from healzeal and offered service in helping me gain confidence and lose weight. I doubt. Honestly. But gave them a try. Then.. boom! Goal achieved. Thanks healzeal!
26JoVasquezThanks to healzeal I regain my confidence! I was not sure how my mentor did it but she is fully trained and knows what she needs to be done. I am now on 4th week and with incredible changes with lifestyle!
37BerthaSmithWho would expect a heavy weight woman like me still has a chance to look normal! My partner with healzeal did! She never look at me as client but a friend wpho needs help thank you guys for doing a great job
48SusanHoI used to eat junkies, mouthed unhealthy food then got colon disease. I didnt want to undergo surgery so seeked help with healzeal medical practitioner's help. They focused on what to give me first like foods to prepare and stuff. They guided me on healing. Thank you guys
59LizzyMc g.Y'all should listen to doctors. Ain't saying this to promote but these people from HZ are incredible help to those who want to stay anonymous! Must try
610LouisMakatigI am a seafarer, so everytime i got sick or feel unwell its hard to just rely on our onboard doctor, I get always my heal zeal partner to check on me as well and feel so lucjy to get one of the best health consultation adviser. Good luck you guys thank you
711LeaAristoStaying fit and healthy is hard if you are working on graveyard shift. The temptation is there and I am too weak. Until I was diagnosedwith Hypertension. I have to be fit. Aside from my msintensnce, i sought help online. I was messaged by one of the medical practitioner here. We get along well and attained a good result
812SantinoSoledadI am old and not getting any younger. My kids has their own families and I am left wife passed away 3 years ago. It is tough, i dont jbow how to prepare meal. I registered with healzeal. So everyday I have someone to come up with meals.
913JoshMckinleyYou guys should really try this online healthcare team! They are awesome and accommodating. Aside from you can do it from home, they will make sure you are updated. They helped me alot in terms of my weight goal for last year and now we are on maintenance mode!
1014BartMagnoI am a medical practitioner who also signed up here. I can say we are helping lots of people. Which is why we are inviting people from medical field to sign up and let us help spread the love online.
1115SexyYeshaYou read it right! I used to be be XXXL. I enrolled to gym but quit after some time. Tried diet meals but get tempted. So I thought I need a companion to this. I saw a post on a group, I thought at first it is scam but still I tried. They prove me wrong! They have the most supportive team ever. It is worth it.
1216GlenKortenjanI am way too old to go to gym and do workouts. I am too lazy to cook. I have diabetes but eats unhealthy foods. I inquire online and found this website. Glad to have them as escort while being healthy.
1317DivineSueBeing diagnosed with hypothyroidism is hard. So many dos and donts. But I was able to cope with help. Help from Healzeal fam. Thanks everyone, you are doing excellent job!
1418SanjaLouI am healthy but I am concious. There are times I dont wanna eat because I think Im having too much carb. I sought advices from everywhere then my coach found me. They saved me from possible anorexia. Thanks pips
1519SoledadGomezYou aint gonna believe the pounds I lost after listening to my medical partner here. If you really want to persevere find a companion, exacyly what I did. Highly recommend this family of healzeal,
1620SoledadGomezYou aint gonna believe the pounds I lost after listening to my medical partner here. If you really want to persevere find a companion, exacyly what I did. Highly recommend this family of healzeal,
1721EvaNatividadHope you are all doing well. While I am posting this, I can still remember the pain of disease I dont wanna disclose. I posted on healtj groups to ask for remedy. I didnt pay much attention to healzeal at firat but someone pmed me and patiently helped me. Now i am cured naturally. Ty
1822LukasGuiangSana maynpinot na makabasa at mainspire. Sa sobrang taba nahita na ako lumabas pero nakilala ko ang pinay na coach dito at pinagryagaan nya ako. Salamat sayo at may lakas na ko ng loob ngayon
1923LukasGuiangNever be arraid tobtru! That is what I have learned. If I didnt trust healzeal at all I would still be sick and underwent to surgery already. But luckily they save me.
2024SerepinaLucioThis forum is well informative and help us all through our weight loss journey. Whenever I feel something not good I consult them immediately and no wait they responds. So much of thanks