Natural remedies to treat sinus

Sinus issues are caused by the development of additional mucus behind the face. It results in inflammation or swallowing of the activities. People suffering from sinus may experience severe headache, uneasiness, exhaustion and a series of different symptoms. Here are a few natural remedies that can be useful for the treatment of sinus:

Intake fluids

You need to keep drinking for thinning the mucus out. You should intake liquids that are devoid of alcohol, sugar, and caffeine. It is recommended to consume water, herbal teas and clear broths of veggies.

Balancing the flora guts

Beneficial bacteria, referred to as gut flora is comprised of a wide array of bacteria which reside in intestines. These good bacteria are responsible for making the gut flora, regulation of the immune system of the body and improvement of overall health. Sinus is known to be the extension of the digestive tract. Unhealthy gut flora can result in chronic inflammation. For the storage of healthy gut bacteria, it is recommended to intake fermented food items such as water kefir, lacto fermented veggies, sauerkraut, greek yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, etc.

Intaking natural decongestants

Tea, tonics, shots that are composed of naturally decongesting ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, lemon, horseradish, apple cider vinegar, cayenne are considered to be the most useful options for clearing the nasal passages out and conferring relief. They are also considered to be the most useful option in order to support as well as boost the immune system of the body.

Consumption of natural anti-viral herbs

Taking antibiotics is useful for weakening the gut flora. It is also useful for the improvement of the immune system of the body. A weak immune system indicates that you are highly susceptible to bacterial and sinus infections. Hence, it is recommended to intake natural remedies such as vitamin C, zinc, astragalus, manuka honey, garlic, olive leaf, and oregano oil for the treatment of sinus.

Nasal Rinsing

Neti pots are recognized to be a safe and natural option for clearing the nasal passage and conferring a relief to the sinus pressure. It is considered to be a perfect addition to the daily routine. You can go for the nasal rinse for once or twice on a daily basis.

Facial massage

In order to get relief from sinus, you should massage the sinus which helps in the alleviation of irritation and draining the stuffy nose. With the aid of the fingertips, you require applying pressure in a gentle manner to the sides of every nostril. You can also make use of the fingertips for the application of pressure to the inner corner of eyes.

Cold and hot compresses

A hot compress is effective in enhancing circulation as well as conferring relief during a sinus infection. By using cold and hot compresses alternatively, you can reduce the pain and pressure of sinus. This is helpful in clearing the nasal passages.


Rest is useful in order to bestow support to the body and healing the infection. If you are suffering from sinus, it is recommended to get an adequate amount of sleep.