Stop Progression of Osteoprosis by these Natural Home Remedies

Osteoporosis refers to be a bone disease which occurs as the body loses a significant part of the bone. It is common in women who have already attained the age of fifty years. It primarily occurs owing to the formation of weakened areas or smaller bones, resulting in bone pain or bone fracture. Here are a few natural remedies that are useful for the treatment for osteoporosis:

Consumption of Bananas

Incorporation of bananas in the diet offers the prerequisite amount of potassium which is useful for strengthening the bones. In accordance with studies, older women are more susceptible to spine and hip bone issues. Hence, it is essential for them to intake regular dosage of potassium. Intaking potassium in prerequisite amount during the early years can potentially reduce the chances of osteoporosis.

Intaking Black Sesame Seeds

It is possible to get vitamin D in moderate quantities from the black sesame seeds. It is essential to manage bone density. You can intake roasted and crushed black sesame seeds in a glass of milk for combating the symptoms that are associated with the process of osteoporosis. The seeds of black sesame are used on an extensive scale for the treatment of different types of bone disorders.

Consumption of diet filled with estrogen

In accordance with nutritionists, women after menopause have fluctuations in the level of estrogen frequently which results in bone damage. Hence, it is recommended for women to intake food products, that are rich in estrogen. You can get these nutrients with the consumption of beans, soybeans, chickpeas, and lentils.

Intaking Soya products

It is essential to incorporate food products, that are enriched in soy in the diet in order to prevent osteoporosis. Soy products are considered to be natural and safe alternatives for bringing the bone density back. As the body gets the soy products on a regular basis, it will be useful in balancing the estrogen level in the body. In this manner, the soy products are effective in reducing the chances of osteoporosis.

Dandelion tea

Sipping Dandelion tea plays a vital role in the improvement of the conditions of the weakened bones. It is recognized to be the storehouse of potassium as well as other nutrients that are useful for the strengthening of the bones. You require in taking two or three cups of dandelion tea which is prepared from fresh dandelion leaves.


Massaging on a regular basis can be helpful in eliminating the impact of vata element. It is considered to be an older concept which is useful for the strengthening of bones as well as body. According to studies, massaging at a specific age plays a vital role in neutralizing the symptoms that can lead to osteoporosis. Hence, it is necessary to include massage in your routine on a regular basis.


It is considered to be the enriched source of calcium which is beneficial in maintaining bone density on an extensive scale. It is definitely a natural option for combating those bone issues without being detrimental to your health.