Best Natural Remedies to treat Cold and Flu

Flu is recognized to be a contagious respiratory illness which is caused owing to influenza virus. The combination of nasal congestion, chills, fevers, and body aches can make your life really miserable. There is a bundle of home remedies that can result in alleviating the symptoms of flu. Here are a few natural remedies that can help in treating cold and flu:

Intaking fluids

Drinking fluids in abundant amount are helpful for the prevention of dehydration. It is also effective in thinning mucus. You can intake tea, prepared with honey and lemon for breaking the congestion and easing the sore throat. Hot soups are also useful in the promotion of nasal drainage as well as making breathing really easy.

Usage of humidifiers

Humidifiers can reduce the symptoms of cold like cough, sore throat, as well as congestion. You can place these devices in the room of your child for adding moisture to the home. You should ensure to change the water in the humidifiers daily.


You need to stay hydrated in order to recover from the symptoms of cold and flu. As you stay hydrated, the body develops the natural ability for flushing the germs from your system.


Taking a breath in the steam from the hot shower can bring a reduction in the sinus pressure and nasal congestion. You can also take boiling water in a pot and place a towel over the same while breathing in the steam. Steam is known for soothing the tissues, present in the throat and nose. It is also helpful in making the inhalation of steam really effective.


It is a popular herb which is effective in deactivating the flu virus. It also brings a boost in the natural immune system of the body. It is also useful in conferring a relief from sinus pain and treating flu. It helps in reducing the bronchial inflammation.


Zinc renders support to the immune system of the body. It is also known for having an antiviral effect. It shows the best functions as you intake the same at the earliest symptoms of flu. Zinc plays an indispensable role in reducing the symptoms of a cold virus. However, you should ensure to limit the intake of zinc 50-100 mg for the treatment of the symptoms of flu.

Essential oils

You can rub the bottom of the feet and neck with frankincense and peppermint essential oil to bestow support to the immune system of the body. A wide array of people prefer the use of clove oil for bestowing protection to the body against infection. it helps in recovering from the symptoms of flu in no time. Clove oil is known for having antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.


Restoring the good bacteria present in the gut gives a boost to the immune system of the body.

Intake easy to digest and light food

You should intake soups that are prepared with bone broth, herbal teas and cooked vegetables that are helpful in treating the symptoms of digestion.