Top Natural remedies to get rid of arthritis

There is no specific diet that can be considered as a cure for arthritis. However, consumption of specific foods can be useful in strengthening the bones, fighting the inflammation and conferring a boost to the immune system of your body. Addition of such food items in the diet is useful in conferring relief during arthritis. There are also a few natural remedies that are helpful in easing the symptoms of arthritis. Here are a few of the best natural remedies that are used in order to get rid of arthritis:


It is considered to be one of the oldest remedies in order to procure relief during arthritis. It makes use of superfine needles for the stimulation of energy along the pathways in the body, referred to as meridians. The ultimate objective is rectifying the imbalances of the body. It is useful in reducing the chemical levels in the body, that are associated with inflammation. It is useful in conferring relief from chronic pain.


It is effective in bringing relaxation to the muscles and improving the flow of blood. You can make use of the moist heating pad, or damp and warm towel. There are a lot of people who utilize hot packs in order to ease the symptoms of arthritis. However, you should ensure that your skin does not burn in the process. A wide array of arthritic patients makes use of heat therapy during shower. Allot the warm water to reach those painful areas on the body. This is useful in conferring a relaxation to the stiff muscles.


This is another useful technique which is beneficial in controlling automatic responses like blood pressure and heart rate. You can do the same with the aid of sensors present in the body. It is responsible for sending information to the monitor.


There are specific kinds of fish such as tuna, salmon, herring, and mackerel that are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids. Intaking three to four ounces of these fishes at least twice every week is helpful in getting relief from the pain, caused owing to arthritis.


They are yet another type of food items that help in easing the symptoms of arthritis. They are enriched in fiber and protein and have low-fat content.


Extra virgin olive oil has oleocanthal and heart-healthy fats that have a bunch of health benefits. Safflower oils and avocado is also known to have cholesterol reducing properties. Walnut oil, on the other hand, has omega three fatty acids that help in easing the symptoms of arthritis.


Cherries are also helpful in bringing a reduction in the frequency of the gout attacks. In accordance with researches, the anthocyanins, present in the cherries come with an anti-inflammatory effect. Some of the other resources of anthocyanins are purple and red fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries.


Broccoli comprises of a compound, referred to as sulforaphane. It plays an indispensable role in the prevention of progression of osteoarthritis. It is enriched in calcium that has bone building capabilities.