Do I have Jet Lag?

Symptoms, causes and remedies of jet lags

Jet lag also referred to as circadian desynchrony, is regarded as a condition in which the patterns and cues of the environment enter into a conflict with the existing pattern of the individual. Our body has an internal clock system which changes with change in environment, temperature and light around us. Jet lag is often experienced by an individual who is travelling to a different time zone and their body cannot cope with the change in the present time zone. It affects our capability and functionality to perform or work. 

The symptoms of jet lag are found to occur in an individual as they traverse to a different time zone.

Causes of jet lag

Jet lags are found to occur in an individual as they travel from one place to the other. It brings a disruption in the daytime rhythms. While travelling in the eastward direction, there is a shortening in the length of the day and when travelling westward the length of the day increases. Rapid changes in the local time lead to disruption in sleep timings. Shortening the circadian system will re-establish the normal sleep cycle.

Symptoms of jet lag

Here are a few of the symptoms of Jet Lag

·        Headache

·        Encountering troubles while sleeping at night

·        Enhanced irritability

·        Reduced alertness

·        Reduced capabilities for performing physical and mental tasks

·        A loss in concentration

·        Fatigue during daytime

·        Disturbed sleep

Remedies to treat jet lag

Here are a few of the effective remedies that are useful in the treatment of jet lags

In taking caffeine during morning time

Caffeine enhances alertness during the day in jet lag. It may make an adaption to the new time zones more difficult. There are different benefits of drinking coffee during the daytime for the prevention of jet lag. It enhances the abilities for bestowing support to the cognitive function. It also enhances physical activities. You should prevent the consumption of caffeine during bedtime.

Adjustment of sleep schedule, as per the new location

Adjustment of sleep schedule, in accordance with the new location, reduces the impact of jet lag. It is also regarded as a sleep schedule. It is useful for individuals who are travelling for more than a single week. In case you are travelling in the eastward direction, you should start the routine at an earlier time. You should reduce the exposure to light during the early evening for the initiating of the readjustment procedure. If you are going to travel in the westward direction, you require doing exactly the opposite. Enhance your exposure to light during the evening. Push your bedtime in the days prior to the trip.

Consuming smaller meals

Taking food at the usual mealtimes and adjustment of meals in accordance with the schedule of the new time is considered to be an effective means for the recovery of the body from the flight. It is also useful in conferring a boost or maintaining metabolism.


A high physical fitness level helps people in bringing an adjustment in the changes in the sleep-wake cycle in no time. Exercises reduce the symptoms of jet lag. Outdoor exercises are useful in letting you adjust to the new environment without making much effort.