What is Bells Palsy? How can I treat it ?

Bell's palsy is a condition in which paralysis, total or partial weakness of the facial nerve occurs. It developed more gradually or suddenly within the time session of twenty-four to forty-eight hours. It is also known to have facial palsy. It relates to a wide array of viral infections, which are inclusive of Epstein Barr and Herpes simplex, to name a few.

Symptoms of Bell’s Palsy

Here is a list of a few of the most prominent symptoms of bell’s palsy

  • Headache
  • Enhanced sensitivity to sound
  • Changes and drooling in the amount of produced saliva
  • Facial drooping around the corner of the mouth
  • Onset of paralysis of weakness on either side of the face
  • Pain behind the ear
  • Appearance of pain around the jaw
  • Unable to close eyelids
  • Changes in the total quantity of produced tears
  •  Reduction in the ability to taste

Causes of Bell ’s palsy

Bell's palsy is an Idiopathic Condition, which has been associated with the following reasons:

  • Respiratory illness
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • Epstein Barr
  • Herpes Barr
  • Herpes Zoster
  • Herpes simplex
  • Coxsackievirus
  • Influenza B
  • Environmentally toxic materials
  • Latest trauma
  • High blood pressure
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Diabetes

Remedies to Treat Bell’s Palsy

Here is a list of a few of the natural remedies that can be useful in managing Bell’s palsy:

Moist heat

You can opt for warm clothes for procuring relief from discomfort and pain. To promote restful sleep and conferring relief from tension, it is essential to include essential oils such as ylnag, yland, rose, chamomile and lavender to reduce the anxiety. You can go for repeating the warm compress with the reappearance of pain.


Acupuncture plays an indispensable role in bringing stimulation in the nerves as well as muscles. It also confers relief to different patients. Wide arrays of people experience certain improvements after a few treatments.


Zinc is considered to be an indispensable part of the treatment plan for Bell's palsy treatment. It is now being used for several years with an eye to heal the wounds. It also provides a boost to the immune system of the body. It also bestows support for the functions of the thyroid. It is recommended to include different zinc enriched food products for the diet, which is inclusive of pumpkin grass, lamb, chickpeas and grass-fed beef.


There are certain personalized facial exercises that bring an improvement in the brain to nerve functions. The simple exercises are inclusive of the opening of the mouth wide, wrinkling of the nose, blinking of the eyes, with an eye to promoting healing. You should be exercising a few times each day with an eye to procuring the most effective results.

Castor Oil Compress

This remedy is now being used for several years to prevent the growth of fungi, viruses, and bacteria. It also brings an improvement in circulation and bestowing support for lymphatic functions. The castor oil compresses enhanced the flow of blood to certain affected areas.


Deep breathing and regular exercise are helpful in the prevention of the worsening of the symptoms of Bells Palsy.