Effective Natural Remedies for Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand, foot and mouth disease also referred to as HFMD contributes to being the highly contagious viral illness which has an impact on younger children. It is more common in those childcare settings where frequent potty training and diaper changes let the spreading of virus from one person to the other in no time.

Symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease

The incubation time period for the disease is within the time range of three to six days. People are in general asymptomatic during the time. The initial signs of the virus are inclusive of reduced appetite, general malaise, fever, sore throat. Few days after this, there is the development of painful stores, after their initial appearance in the mouth. After this, there is an appearance of small red spots on the palm of hands as well as soles of feet. The spreading of rash may end at the place. At times, the rash may get spread to elbows, buttocks, genitals and knees. The red spots turn to blisters, they begin breaking open as well as crusting over.

Causes of hand, foot and mouth disease

  • Poor hygiene practices
  • Spending time with children in any close quarter
  • Age

Natural Remedies for hand, foot and mouth disease

Here is a list of the remedies that can be useful in the treatment of hand, foot and mouth disease:

Cold summer syrups

In case you are suffering from hand foot and mouth disease, chewing crunchy or coarse foods can cause immense pain. Intaking cold summer soups are useful as the body gets the prerequisite nutrients that are required for seeking recovery from the virus. It is recommended to avoid food products which are spicy, salty or acidic. There are certain fruits which are highly acidic and can lead to immense pain and irritation.

Coconut water cubes

Dehydration is a major issue for people, suffering from hands foot and mouth disease. It can provide relief from discomfort and pain. Owing to the high potassium level as well as the high electrolyte, it is considered to be the perfect option to pause dehydration.


Coconut oil

Application of coconut oil on the blisters and rash plays a vital role in speeding up healing. The antiviral and antimicrobial compounds, present in coconut oil can offer relief. It is also effective in the prevention of spreading of this disease.

Bone Broth

For ensuring adequate nutrition in the body, you should be in taking homemade bone broth. It contains higher collagen content which bestows support to healthy skin. After the hand, foot and mouth disease it offers the boost to the skin, which is a prerequisite after this disease.

Rooibos Tea

It comprises of potent and natural anti-inflammatory properties. It is useful in conferring a boost to the healing at the time of fighting the virus, which is responsible for hand, foot and mouth disease.

Ginger root tea

Ginger is now being used for several years with an eye to healing ulcers and wounds. For a refreshing and cool drink, you should be intaking peeled as well as bruised ginger root as well as simmer the same with water. After straining and cooling at the room temperature, mix raw honey for adding the touch of sweetness as well as healing properties.