Best Natural Remedies to treat Necrotizing Fasciitis

Necrotizing Fasciitis contributes to being the serious bacterial skin infection which spreads in no time and is responsible for killing the soft tissue of the body. This condition is not contagious in general. However, you need to keep in mind that it is really a serious condition and you need to treat it in no time. It can be fatal to the body and in severe cases, it requires amputation.

Symptoms of Necrotizing Fasciitis

Here are few of the symptoms of Necrotizing Fasciitis:

  • Purple or red swelling

  • tenderness

  • ulcers

  • bullae

  • skin necrosis

  • Symptoms, similar to flue

  • Motor and sensory deficits

  • Fluctance

Causes of Necrotizing Fasciitis

Here are few of the bacteria that are responsible for Necrotizing Fasciitis:

  • Clostridium

  • Kelbsiella

  • Group A streptococcus

  • Haemophilus influenzae

  • Acinetobacter calcoaceticus

  • Aeromonas hydrophila

  • Escherichia coli

  • Staphylococcus aureus

Treatments for Necrotizing Fasciitis

Here is a list of few of the natural remedies that are considered to be an effective treatment to get rid of Necrotizing Fasciitis

Oregano oil

Usage of oregano oil, on wounds, mainly those which are exposed to unsanitary water is hepful for fighting those bacteria that are responsible for Necrotizing Fasciitis. According to laboratory studies, Oregano oil is effective in fighting E.coli bacterial. It also helps in getting rid of S. aureus bacteria.

Taking care of the wounds in a proper manner

As you take the right care of the cuts, from the very beginning with cleaning as well as sanitizing them, you can prevent the necrotizing fasciitis. It is recommended to cover the cuts with dry bandages and change them on a regular basis. You should take care and monitor whether the wound is excreting any sort of fluid. You should be aware of the signs of infection or swelling. In case you find that the wound is not healing in a normal manner, it is recommended to visit the physician.

Say no to public water

At times, you may find signs, located at a close proximity to the public pools where it is prohibited to enter the pool. It is due to the fact that there are high chances that the bacteria, responsible for necrotizing fasciitis may be present in lakes, pools, oceans, ponds and different sources of public water. In case you are suffering from the wound which requires closing, you should be avoiding the exposure to public water.

Negative pressure wound therapy

It is recognized to be the home and clinical process in order to take care of the wounds. It is inclusive of the vacuum dressing which is essential for the healing of the wounds. It is also useful as the wounds occur. It is responsible for the creation o the negative pressure environment which is responsible for the drawing of the fluid.

Colloidal silver

It is an amazing remedy that is useful in getting rid of the bacteria, cauing necrotizing fasciitis.

Following the above mentioned remedies can be useful in getting rid of necrotizing fasciitis.