How do I treat a sprain/ strain naturally at home ?

Strains and sprains are recognized to be common injuries in which there is tearing as well as stretching of the tissues. The strain is known to occur with the tearing of ligaments. A wide assortment of people suffers from injuries, due to strains and sprains on a regular basis.

Symptoms of sprains and strains

Strains and sprains are known to have a negative impact on distinct tissues, indicating they confer a different feel. Both of them are known to be painful and limit the motion. The sprain involves stiffness, swelling as well as bruising. Straining also results in stiffness, swelling, spasms, and craming. Strains are known to involve the tendons or muscles and thus it is responsible for muscular cramps as well as spasms. Sprains have a negative impact on the areas, around the joint.

Causes of sprains and strains

Physical activities are considered to be the major causes of strains and sprains. The effect during the sports can force the joints out of a twist, alignment and overstressing the muscles. Household sprains are caused owing to falls, primarily on different sides of the foot. An individual may experience sprain even at home. You may experience the same while twisting, falling or straining areas with a certain force. At times, people tend to twist their knees while going for a trip or cleaning the chores. The strain occurs owing to the overstressing of tendons or muscles. The pulling or twisting occurs as an individual lifts something really heavy, take participation in different activities frequently or overstress the muscles.

The strain is also caused owing to the following actions:

  • Overextension of thumb during the playing of racquet sport

  • Landing and falling on wrists

  • Pivoting or turning during playing the sports

  • Landing in the wrong position post a jump

  • Running on different uneven surfaces

  • Natural remedies for strains and sprains

Steps to follow for healing the injury

Here are a few steps that can be helpful in order to heal the injuries:

  • You should refrain from walking on the ankle. You should then consider the usage of brace for the stabilization of ankle

  • You require applying ice to the specific areas of injury for the time duration of 20 minutes. This plays a vital role in the reduction of swelling.

  • You should be propping the foot at the waist level that will be useful in the improvement of blood flow.

  • You require wrapping the ankle in the bandages for bestowing support to the area as well as the promotion of healing.

  • You require crutches or brace for bestowing support to the injury. You should be intaking pain medications like ibuprofen. It takes some time for healing of the ankle sprains. At times, several to moderate sprain will be lasting for a few months. The recovery time is dependent according to certain situations. As the bain begins fading away, you need to do the stretches for the restoration of range of the motion. You can do exercises at least once or twice daily for helping the recovery.