Symptoms, causes and remedies of spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis contributes to being a disorder which is caused owing to the narrowing of the spinal canal which runs down in the centre of your back. This condition is triggered owing to the accumulation of enhanced pressure which is present on the nerves and spinal cord. It is responsible for sciatica, back pain as well as other nerve issues.

Symptoms of spinal stenosis

Here are a few of the natural symptoms of spinal stenosis:

  • Paralysis

  • Extreme weakness

  • Pain while standing for a prolonged time period

  • Pain during the lifting of heavier objects and exercising

  • Weakness in muscles

  • Pain around the knees, legs, and hips

  • Neck pain

  • Back pain

  • Tingling sensations and numbness in the lower part of the body

Causes of spinal stenosis

Here is a list of few of the causes of this condition

Stretching for the maintenance of flexibility

Stretching the spine is considered to be the natural option for the relaxation of stiff muscles. It is known to be useful to stay limber. It is also useful for the prevention of stiffness and injuries. It is a prerequisite to stretch post to workouts.

Exercising on a regular basis

Exercising on a regular basis is considered to be the best option in order to prevent back pain. The combination of bodyweight exercises as well as aerobic activities plays a vital role in the reduction of overall inflammation. It is also useful for the improvement of muscle strength as well as keeping the joints really limber. Exercising on a regular basis is considered to be essential in order to maintain bone density.

Go for physical therapies

It is recommended to pay a visit to the physical therapists for the improvement of healing as well as boosting the recovery. You can practice certain posture improving exercises which are effective for the strengthening of the core, upper legs, and back.

Maintenance of good posture

Proper posture at the time of exercising, sitting as well as standing bestows protection to the spine. It is also effective for the reduction of stress on the back. Slouching can result in causing strain in the areas, around the spine. You can pay a visit to the chiropractor for addressing the poor posture as well as back pain issues.

Consumption of anti-inflammatory diet

Losing those extra kilos is useful in bringing a reduction in load-bearing stress or the prevention of stenosis. The healthy diet is useful for the maintenance of muscle mass. It also bestows protection to you so that you do not experience any higher level of complications or inflammation that can worsen the symptoms of stenosis. It is recommended to intake a wide array of anti-inflammatory food products such as healthy fats, leafy green vegetables, fermented food products, comprising of probiotics, lean proteins such as wild-caught fish, grass-fed meat, cage-free eggs, etc.

  • Application of cold and hot therapy

  • Application of ice or heat is effective in order to neutralize the dull pain. It also plays a vital role in controlling the inflammation.