How to get rid of Astigmatism ?

Astigmatism contributes to being a defect in the lens or eyes which is caused owing to the deviation from the spherical curvature. This leads to distorted images like the prevention of light ray from the meeting. Visionary issues are caused owing to the refractive errors. Astigmatism is not any sort of eye disease like glaucoma. It is not related to age as it has an impact on younger people.

Symptoms of astigmatism

Here are a few symptoms of astigmatism:

  • Eye fatigue

  • Eye strains

  • Headache

  • Distorted images

  • Blurred vision

  • Worsening of pain and blurring while reading smaller prints

  • The inability for viewing distant and near objects without the squinting

Causes of astigmatism

Here are few of the prominent causes of astigmatism:

  • The retina primarily focuses light on a small and single location for the production of clear vision. Owing to the shape of the eye, having astigmatism, several focal points predominates. They play a vital role in the development in the rear or front part of the retina.

  • Owing to astigmatism, light does not focus on a singular point on either part of eyes, referred to as retina. This results in the eyesight to have distorted and irregular images.

  • Individuals suffering from astigmatism are known to have the cornea, having an abnormal shape.

  • Scarring on cornea

  • Eye injury, leading to resulting in scarring in eyes

  • Unusual development of the eye muscles.

  • Genetics

  • keratoconus, resulting in gradual thinning of the cornea

  • Accidents which involve the eyes directly like impact or car accidents, resulting in whiplashing.

Treating  Astigmatism

Generally, for mild Astigmatism, doctors do not recommend any correction treatment. Here are a few treatment options that can be helpful in Astigmatism:

Contact lens and eyeglasses

Though there are wide arrays of patients who love to wear the contact lens instead of glasses, it is possible to rectify astigmatism with the use of contracts. In case you use glasses already to get rid of other vision-related issues, it is possible to rectify the lenses for astigmatism.

Paying a regular visit to the doctor

Children are known to have symptoms of astigmatism. Hence, it is recommended to schedule the annual eye exam for the detection as well as rectification of vision. If your astigmatism remains untreated for a longer period of time, the conditions may get worse over time and lead to several issues such as fatigue, regular headaches, and lethargy. It results in difficulty in concentration.

Take the prerequisite care of the eyes

It is possible to prevent the worsening of the symptoms of astigmatism. In order to prevent the worsening of the situations, it is recommended to consume a poor diet, resulting in inflammation or other health conditions like changes in blood pressure, diabetes.

  • You should include food items in your diet that should comprise of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that bestow support to the eye health.

  • Exposure to blue light from the electronic devices can worsen the headaches or put a straining on the eyes. Hence, you should be wearing a hat or sunglasses in order to bestow protection to the eyes.