Can Asperger's Syndrome be treated?

Asperger’s syndrome is  a pervasive developmental disorder in which there is a delay in the development of the basic skills of a child. In this syndrome, the children lose his/ her ability of communicating as well as socializing with other people. An individual can witness the symptoms of asperger's syndrome during the early phase of life. It is more predominant in males as compared to females.

Symptoms of asperger’s syndrome

Here are few of the common symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome

  • Poor eye contact

  • Poor social skills which involves difficulty while interacting with people as well as maintaining the conversations

  • Challenges in coordination

  • Limited range of interests

  • Ecentric as well as repetitive behaviors

  • Highly skilled in a specific area

  • Troubles while communicating

Causes of asperger’s syndrome

Here are few of the primary causes of asperger’s syndrome:

The exact cause of Asperger's syndrome is yet not known. However, it may occur owing to the combination of a wide assortment of environmental and genetic factors which can bring a change in the development of brain. It has a tendency to run in families, thereby indicating that it can be hereditary at times.

Therapies for Asperger’s syndrome

Asperger's Syndrome cannot be cured but some therapies can help if done on regular basis.Here are few of the useful therapies that are beneficial in order to reduce the symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy contributes to being a kind of therapeutic approach which is useful to an individual in becoming more aware of negative or inaccurate thinking in a manner that they have the capability of viewing different challenging situations in a clear manner. This helps them  to  learn to better read social interactions and read others reactions and behavior more accurately so they can more easily monitor and adjust their own behavior and responses.Cognitive Behavioural Therapy focuses on  teaching cognitive and behavioral skills and strategies that  will help them achieve their goals. This therapy helps as a preventative strategy to decrease or prevent symptoms of comorbid mental health concerns, such as anxiety disorders and depression.

Speech and language therapy

Speech therapy is considered to be useful for children, suffering from communication challenges. A speech therapist is helpful to children suffering from asperger's syndrome in understanding what others are trying to mean while speaking. Children receive training for extracting the meaning of speech of other people.

Groups’ social skill programs

Group social skills interventions are recognized to be common treatment options for children suffering from asperger's syndrome. They act as the right support system for children suffering from asperger's syndrome. They provide a comprehensive range of services and programs for the community of the asperger's syndrome. The ultimate objective of the groups programs is providing the environment and support in which there is an improvement in the social skills of a child.

Occupational and physical therapy

People suffering from asperger's syndrome make use of occupational and physical therapy with an eye to maintaining the highest level of different functions in various activities of daily living. They have the ability to concentrate on the development of work skills which is necessary for younger adults, suffering from this condition.

Music therapy

It is useful to the individual to enhance the communication development and social skills.


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