How can I get relief with Heartburn ?

Heartburn contributes to being the form of uncomfortable digestion which results in painful burning sensations in the upper abdomen or chest. It is characterizing by people who experience the flow of stomach acid into the esophagus. A wide array of people across the globe experience this condition.

Symptoms of heartburn

Here is a list of some of the prominent causes of heartburn:

  • Irritation in gums

  • Dry mouth

  • Development of sour taste in the mouth

  • Experience unpleasant burning sensation in the chest

  • Loss of appetite

  • Nausea

  • Noises in stomach

  • Burping

  • bloating

  • Foul breath

  • Tooth erosion

  • Troubles during sleeping

Causes of heartburn

Here are few of the prominent causes of heartburn:

  • Deficiency in the nutrients level

  • Intaking poor diet

  • Consumption of larger meals

  • Food allergies

  • Higher stress level

  • Obesity

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Aging

  • Pregnancy

  • History of hernias


Natural remedies for heartburn

Here are a few tips that can help you when you  have heartburn:

Say no to avoid that trigger heartburn

There are few food products that have the tendency of making heartburn really worse. Hence, it is recommended to avoid processed food products that are enriched in refined oils, sugar, salt, as well as synthetic additives. In addition to this, it is recommended to avoid sugary drinks, carbonated beverages, alcohol, spicy food products, fried food items, vegetable oil such as canola oil. At times, citrus fruits, onions, garlic, and tomatoes are also known to be the causes of heartburn.

Consumption of organic vegetables

In case an individual suffers from heartburn, it is recommended to intake fresh organic vegetables such as squash, leafy green vegetables, asparagus, artichoke, cucumbers. You can also intake grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, probiotic food products such as bone broth, yogurt, healthy fat such as olive oil, fennel, ginger, parsley.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and smoking

Smoking contributes to being one of the major causes of acid reflux and different diseases. Consumption of excessive alcohol as well as smoking causes impairment in the muscle reflexes. It also enhances acid production. In case you are suffering from heartburn, you should avoid the overdosage of caffeine which can cause an interruption in the digestion process.

Regular exercising

Sedentary lifestyle, obesity, heartburn are considered to be some of the common symptoms of heartburn. It is recommended to exercise on a regular basis for the management of weight. It is also helpful for the reduction of inflammation. It is helpful in the removal of stress as well as bringing an improvement in the quality of sleep.

Bringing an alteration in the sleep positions

A wide array of people procures relief from the symptoms of heartburn which tend to occur during night time when they procure adequate sleep. This is helpful for stopping the creeping up of stomach acid as it is helpful in positioning the head above digestive organs. Relaxing as well as sleeping in a perfect way is helpful for the regulation of enzymes as well as hormones that are related to digestion. They also play a vital role to balance the hormones and let the body to handle the stress in an effective manner.

If you are having heartburn and shortness of breath, seek medical attention immediately as the symptoms of Heartburn sometimes can be similar to Heart attack.