Is it Gastro or Campylobacter infection ?

Symptoms, causes and remedies of Campylobacter infection

Campylobacter bacteria, also referred to as foodborne pathogen may be present in the faeces of the animals which carry the bacteria.  Apart from this, it can be found in pigs, cattle, ostriches, sheep, cats, shellfish and dogs. It is contracted usually via food, which is handled in a poor manner. 

Symptoms of Campylobacter infection

Some of the symptoms of campylobacter infection involve:

Pain in the abdomen

Diarrhea (Often Bloody)





As soon as you are in contact with the bacteria, you are going to experience the different symptoms which start between the time ranges of 2 to 5 days, post-exposure. It may also occur from one to ten days. As the symptoms start, they are known to occur between the time sessions of 3-6 days.

There are different conditions that may be caused owing to coming in contact with the infection. Additional complications may also be caused owing to this which is inclusive of pancreatitis, bacteraemia, miscarriage, hepatitis. Patients are prone to the development of reactive arthritis and different neurological problems such as Guillain Barre Syndrome.

Guillain-Barré is recognized to be a rare neurological disorder that is caused owing to the attack of the immune system on the nerves of the body. The symptoms may start with the tingling as well as weakness in the extremities after which it may spread to the whole body. It is known to be a highly serious medical emergency and patients need to be admitted to hospitals for the right treatment.

Causes of campylobacter infection

The infection, caused by campylobacter bacteria is highly contagious. Campylobacteriosis, also referred to as zoonosis is recognized to be a disease that tends to occur owing to coming in contact with contaminated animal products such as unpasteurised milk,  uncooked meat, etc.  A person can get this infection when he comes in contact with bacteria from infected live animals or humans by coming in contact with the faeces of the animals.

How can you avoid Campylobacter Infection

Infection can be avoided by some simple precautions such as washing the vegetables before consuming, and washing the hands when handling vegetables. Uncooked meat products and poultry should be kept away from uncooked raw vegetables to avoid contamination. When cleaning the animals or pets at home, make sure you wash your hands after cleaning their poop. Do not consume unpasteurised milk.

Remedies for the treatment of Campylobacter infection

Stay hydrated

For certain people, treatment by the doctor is needed within a shorter span of time. In case, an illness such as HIV or cancer treatments leads to a compromise in the immune system of the body, it is recommended to visit a doctor with an eye to prevent such extra problems. In case you are healthy, you require to wait for a few days to check whether the symptoms go away. You need to stay hydrated and then follow the normal process with an eye to handling diarrhea. In case you begin noticing the different symptoms of dehydration, such as dizziness, dry mouth, and dark urine, go to your physician without any delay.

Antibacterial essential oils

Antibacterial essential oils play a vital role in fighting the campylobacter infection. Clove oil, thyme oil, and bergamot oil, orange oil have such type of bacteria-killing benefits against the campylobacter. However, it is essential to follow specific safety instructions at the time of using these essential oils.