Are there any natural remedies for kidney failure ?

Kidney failure is known to occur as the kidneys do not function well enough for keeping an individual alive. It is characterized by the sudden loss of the capabilities of kidneys for the excretion of concentrate urine, wastes, conservation of electrolytes and maintenance of fluid balance.

Symptoms of kidney failure

Here are few of the common symptoms of kidney failure which are present below:

  • Pain in the kidney which feels like the tenderness or throbbing under the rib cage

  • Swelling and retention of fluid owing to the electrolyte imbalance

  • Production of lesser urine

  • High blood pressure

  • Nausea

  • Indigestion

  • Loss of appetite

  • Sudden changes in mood

Causes of kidney failure

Here is a list of a few of the risk factors that are associated with kidney failure:

  • In case an individual has a history of high blood pressure, anemia, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, or heart failure.

  • Intaking unhealthy diet

  • Suffering from kidney disease or damage

  • Obesity

  • An individual with a history of enlarged prostate

  • Aging

  • Experiencing injury or trauma in the kidneys

  • Lower immunity functions

  • Intaking medications, resulting in kidney issues like blood pressure drugs, painkillers, antibiotics.

Remedies for the treatment of kidney failure

Here is a list of the few remedies that can be useful in order to treat kidney failure:

Consumption of a diet that can promote the healing of kidneys

Kidney diseases can have a negative impact on the metabolism of potassium, salt, protein, as well as phosphorous. Hence, it is essential to intake a healthy diet for the management of kidney diseases. A wide array of patients, suffering from kidney failure, pay a visit to the nutritionist in analyzing the nutrients level, latest eating habits.

Foods to eat during kidney failure

They should intake unprocessed food products which are nutrient dense that are inclusive of high antioxidant food products. They also need to consume foods that are enriched with electrolytes. Few of the recommended food products for patients suffering from kidney problems are inclusive of celery, blueberries, cranberries, leafy greens, burdock, beets, freshly squeezed vegetable juice, sea vegetables such as seaweed, bananas, spinach and citrus fruits such as lemon.

Intaking fluids

It is essential to prevent dehydration during kidney failure as not drinking adequate fluids can result in kidney complications. If an individual is suffering from kidney problems, he should be drinking enough water as well as hydrating fluids such as sparkling water, herbal tea or fruit infused water.

Supplements and herbs

In case an individual is suffering from kidney failure, you need to include vitamins and minerals in your diet. You need to include vitamin E for the reduction of calcium oxalate level. Vitamin B6 is beneficial to an individual for the reduction of calcium oxalate level. Magnesium is also effective in the prevention of kidney stone formation. Aloe vera is yet another supplement which is useful for the reduction of urinary crystals. Cranberry extracts are useful for the reduction of urinary calcium level.

At times, it is recommended to go for dialysis as well as other treatments in order to treat patients, suffering from kidney failure.